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U6 Soccer Rules

Field dimensions: TBD

- 5v5 including goalie (each team will be supplied with a pinny for their goalie).
- size 3 ball
- 4 - 8 minute quarters
- 15 minute practice period prior to each game
- Everyone must play at least 2 quarters 
- No substitutions during a quarter except due to injury
- No score is kept 
- No slide tackling 
- All free kicks are direct

- No drop-kicks by the GK
- No headers - an intentional head ball will result in a direct kick for the opposing team.  Headers are not permitted until u12.
- Out-of-bounds plays will result in a throw-in, corner kick, or goal kick.  If an illegal throw-in occurs, the referee will stop play and allow retries until the player gets it right.
- On all goal kicks or free kicks from the defensive side of the field, the opposing team must retreat behind the mid-field line. The opposing team CANNOT cross mid-field until the ball crosses mid-field or the kicking team touches the ball after the initial kick, whichever comes first.
- When the GK has possession of the ball in his/her hands, the opposing team must drop back to midfield. The opposing team CANNOT cross mid-field until the ball crosses mid-field or the ball is touched by a player on the possessing team after the GK rolls it out.  The GK does not have to wait for the opposing team to drop back to play the ball out.  In the case of a GK picking up the ball in the box, and then putting it down to dribble out, the opposing team no longer has to wait until another player touches the ball to cross mid-field.

Game Official:

A referee will be provided as these games will be treated like a real soccer game as we're trying to teach the fundamentals and rules of the game.  Our officials for u6 are typically middle and/or high school children interested in getting into officiating.  Therefore, please treat them with respect. 


- Shinguards are required, and hard plastic shin guards must be covered by socks.
- Game shirts will be provided by the league.
- No earrings or hard hair clips
- No jewelry
- All glasses must have a strap
- Only soccer cleats or gym shoes permitted.  NO baseball cleats, football cleats, crocs, boots, sandals.


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