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Softball Rules


Softball Rules


Softball Rules - Click Here

** These guidelines are subject to change based on CDC and State issued guidelines


1.  Only 10 players at a practice and only 1 coach.   

2.  Parents are asked to wait in the car.  

3.  No gum, sunflower seeds or spitting while at the fields.   

4.  Coaches for practice will need to provide hand sanitizer along with having gloves on hand for any issues that may arise.   

5.  Parents will need to temp check the kids prior to coming.   

6.  Coaches will need to temp check as well

7.  Anyone with a 101 temp can not attend practices for 14 days or until a doctor clearance is received.  




1.  Only 50 people allowed to attend

2.  Players while not in the field of play must wear a mask

3.  Coaches must wear a mask at all times

4.  Umpires will wear a mask while behind the plate

5.  The bleachers on fields 2 and 3 will need to be closed and used for players

6.  Dugouts are limited to 4 players (other players on the bleacher area)

7.  Hand sanitizer must be available (NKYA is looking into this for games)

8.  Parents must temp check kids prior to arrival (temp above 100 child may not play and can't return until doctor release note is received by coach.

9.  Coaches must temp check (same as above)

10.  No sharing of equipment ( gloves, bats, helmets, drinks)

11.  Each team will be responsible for the softball while they're in the field

12.  No handshakes, fist bumps after games

13.  No gum, sunflower seeds or spitting at the fields

14.  Coaches will need to have gloves on hand


Field Status

Open Open

St. Agnes (11:50 AM | 03/31/21)

Open Open

SA1 (11:50 AM | 03/31/21)

Open Open

SA2 (10:00 PM | 04/02/21)

Open Open

Franzen Fields (09:57 PM | 04/02/21)

Open Open

F4 (10:00 PM | 04/02/21)

Open Open

F3 (10:13 PM | 04/10/21)

Open Open

F2 (11:53 PM | 04/10/21)

Open Open

F1 (11:53 PM | 04/10/21)

Open Open

Villa Madonna Academy (10:09 PM | 04/02/21)

Open Open

VM2 (10:09 PM | 04/02/21)