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Northern Kentucky Youth Association

U4 Rules

2017 Rules

Field dimensions:

- 4v4
- size 3 ball
- 4 - 6 minute quarters
- 20 minute practice period prior to the start of the games 
- No score kept 
- Everyone must play at least 2 quarters
- Try to limit substitutions between quarters when possible.  Obviously if a kid walks off the field and is done, have another jump off the bench and play. 
- A referee will be supplied.  The duties of the referees are to stop play when the ball goes out of bounce or in the goal.  They will also be instructed to stop play for excessive hand balls (picking it up and running with it).  It is the responsibility of the coaches to monitor pushing, pulling, etc.  The purpose of a ref at this age is to get the kids accustomed to stopping on the whistle and obeying the officials orders.  We want the kids to "just play", but there has to be some guidelines in place.

At this age, we're just teaching them the most basic fundamentals, but you'll find that this can be more of a social thing than anything.  For some kids, this is their first interaction with a group of kids under the supervision of a different adult.   

- Shinguards are required, and hard plastic shin guards must be covered by socks.
- Game shirts will be provided by the league.
- No earrings or hard hair clips
- No jewelry
- All glasses must have a strap
- Only soccer cleats or gym shoes permitted.  NO baseball cleats, football cleats, crocs, boots, sandals.